What Athletes Do to Live Up to their Potential

The other day we met a guy. A guy who, let’s just say it, appears to be a little bit of a charming nut head. Alex Bellini, Italian from Genua, crossed the Atlantic ocean in a rowing boat, going from Italy to Fortaleza, Brazil. Yes, you got that right. In a little nutshell that took him through nature’s caprices all the 11.000 kilometers across the mighty big ocean. Pretty tough, huh? Well yeah. Alex is a tough guy. That’s probably why he did the same on the Pacific, rowing 18.000 kilometers in 294 days – all by himself.

Today, Alex passes on the experiences he made on his unbelievable trips and works as a coach for athletes who want to reach peak performance by overcoming mental and physical boundaries. The lessons Alex teaches can also get you ahead in your personal and professional life and lead you to the very top of your own potential. So, let’s take a lot at what we learned from Alex and enrich it with some personal tips on how to reach each state of body and mind.


Synchrony is the capacity to be completely in the moment while you are doing what you do. It is when your mind is fully concentrated on what your body is doing, when you are thinking about absolutely nothing else. On the other hand, when your thoughts drift off to other topics, fears of failure arise – and you stop being in synchrony.

Achieving synchrony in your life and work will help you get the most out of your day, get things done more effectively and focus on your professional and personal goals.

How you do it:

Take something you like to look at, sit down in a cozy place in your room and look at the object for 10 entire minutes. Try to perceive everything that is important about this object you chose: its little parts, its texture, its surface, absolutely everything. Sounds easy? Just until you tried! What is most important is that during these 10 minutes you should try not to think about ANYTHING else. Take a leap!



2. Know your STRONG POINTS

The strong points are the things you are sure you can do well. You need to know what your strong points are and use them in your favor. We all have strong points in the two relevant areas: physical and mental.

How you do it:

Well, in the best of all cases, you already know what and where your mental strong points are. If not, why don’t you take this test to figure them out:

Personality Test


Feel your ENERGY!

The energy is what makes us take on a challenge, what we feel when we pursue a certain objective and what makes us want to move forward. The physical energy is what triggers the body’s movement but the mental energy is just as fundamental. When we experience a lack of motivation, do not get started or repeat the same task over and over again, we are lacking energy.

And when we are feeling a lack of energy, the reason is not always a physical one. Often, our minds are blocked with certain fears of failure, doubts or other unnecessary thoughts (here is a fun fact for you: some Buddhist monks say that 90 % of our everyday thoughts are actually trash because they are totally redundant).

How to do it:

To regain your energy you could try yoga, do meditation or engage in relaxing tasks like crafting to keep your mind off stuff.



3. Get into a RHYTHM

What is the difference between energy and rhythm? Energy is a dimension of quantity while rhythm is a dimension of quality. Rhythm is what generates the right flow in your movements. Doing things in a right rhythm means knowing how to change between moments of energy and action and take breaks at the right time.

How to to create a rhythm in your life:

Some studies say that when you repeat a new task or endeavor for 3 weeks every day, it becomes a pattern and fully automatized in your body and mind. It will stop to cost you effort and strength. For example, you can set your alarm at 7 o’clock every morning for three weeks and you will see how quickly your body adapts to that rhythm. After three weeks, you will have no problem getting up at this time, your body will probably even wake up by itself.

But hey, if you are a snoozer, you might go for some other task – no problem!



Activation is the motivational motor of it all. It is the maximum expression of passion that allows us to push our personal limits and to focus on our goal even if we feel pain and start to suffer. It is this inner strength that fuels our dreams on a daily basis.

How to do it:

Work with imagery. Honestly, it is stronger than you think. Close your eyes, and at first, see yourself rising above your home, your city, your entire country. Yes, we agree. That does sound a little odd. But it will definitely help you relax, find your focus and activate. In the second step, you visualize – sshhhh, eyes still shut – your goal, be it the interview for the new job, the house you want to build or the journey you are planning. Visualizing your dream will get you a little closer to it every day, because by creating the corresponding cognitive imagery you are creating the right mindset for things you want to happen.

Try to implement these factors into your life and work routines and you will see how successful you are gonna be!

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