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Henrike holds a Master's Degree in Humanities and has been working in the communication field for several years. Her business stops include positions for different startups and publishing companies. After eight years in the field, Henrike quit her job and founded her own online magazine where she portrayed brave people who changed the corporate suit for some professional adventure of their own. Today, Henrike is part of an international community of founders, digital nomads and change-makers, who have an impact on new work scenarios and businesses of the future. She is fluent in German, English and Spanish and speaks Portuguese and Italian on an advanced level.
Maren holds a Master's Degree in International Marketing. She studied and gained work experiences in Scotland, France, Spain and Argentina and filled positions in the Marketing Departments of renowned German companies such as Jungheinrich and the Volkswagen subsidiary in Pamplona. At the age of 29 Maren decided to found her own startup which connects travelers and locals for language exchange, bringing them together in a home as host and guest. Maren is an active member of Hamburg's biggest co-working space, where she experiences the vibe of new work every day. She speaks German, English and Spanish fluently and French on an advanced level.



Today, an old school CV is often not enough to get your dream job. We explain what becomes relevant for applications in the future and how you can set yourself apart in unique ways.


Remote Working, job sharing, digital nomadism theses are not only buzz words. They open new opportunities to all of us. You just have to know where to find and how to handle them.


It has become unlikely that you will stay in one and the same job for the next 30 years. And while the world around us changes, we do, too. We want to help you to do it without losing purpose and direction.


Other generations like to define the generation Y as lazy or even shilly-shally. Well, we dont see it that way. We see a lot of brave and curious people with great ideas and would like to introduce them to you.


Technological and social changes have a great impact on our work life. We want to show you the megatrends of the future and the opportunities and job profiles they create.


Germany ist not just the cradle of sausage and beer. Cities like Berlin & Hamburg have turned into real startup hubs and some renowned companies look for the brightest heads worldwide. Get to know them!


  • 4040% of the workforce will be freelancers, independent contractors and solopreneurs by 2020.

  • 8080% of workers from Generation Y state that a work-life-balance is very important.
  • 6060% of the Generation Y are open and willing towards working abroad.
  • 5050% of the total workforce will be from Generation Y in 2020.


Alternative Work Models: Let’s check out Remote Working
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Alternative Work Models: Let’s check out Remote Working

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Worth the Buzz? Let’s take a look at Artificial Intelligence
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Worth the Buzz? Let’s take a look at Artificial Intelligence

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Alternative Work Models: Let’s discuss Job Sharing
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Alternative Work Models: Let’s discuss Job Sharing

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