Jobs of the future: 7 interesting IoT job profiles

The Internet of Things, which connects “things” and devices around the world with each other via embedded sensors, is one of the most groundbreaking and promising fields of the future. Not only because it will change the way we navigate and perceive the world, but because it will create a lot of interesting job profiles. Here is why: to make the most of their potential, corporations need employees who understand the interconnected nature of our economic future.


Data Security Experts
With all these connected devices in the world, the risk of data accidents or meltdowns increase drastically. All those data can be manipulated by outsiders. We do not need to get into detail on what consequences this may have for us. Targeted attacks could take down the Internet of entire countries, reveal your health history or lay out your financial background.

Data security experts are needed to protect connected devices from these kinds of manipulations or attacks. They need to know how to analyze big amounts of data and create measures to protect data bundles and digital assets.


Cloud Computing Specialists

Today there is hardly anyone left who is not familiar with cloud storage. Storing data like files, pictures or videos in the cloud has become a common way of handling lots of data and access it from any place in the world.

The tasks and processes behind cloud computing are demanding, because it is necessary to create a user-friendly experience. This is the work that cloud computing specialists need to perform. People who can create clouds with plausible user experiences often have a background as system engineers, network administrators or software engineers.


Grid Engineers

In a world where resources like oil subside, we are constantly trying to optimize our electricity consumption, not only in our homes, but also on a citywide or even statewide scale. Smart grids are intelligent systems that automatically supply wind energy when it is windy and rely on solar power when the sun is shining.

Lamps, machines like wind energy mills and traffic lights within a grid can all be connected with one another and provide massive amounts of data to track energy consumption. Therefore, all their information has to flow together in one big operation system. To run this kind of operating system, smart grid engineers have to deduce and conclude from this information and must also find solutions to the challenges generated by wind and solar power.


Wearable Designer

We have mentioned it before: special devices are now able to track the steps you take, your heart rate or the calories you burned in gym class and instantly send this information to your smart phone’s corresponding app. The tracking devices can be even implemented into your clothing, for example into a T-Shirt you wear at the gym.

There will be a rising demand for the design of products like these. This is, on one hand, a very difficult task in an engineering or technical sense. On the other hand, the customers’ fashion preferences need to be met as well. This means that people are needed who have both an understanding of the technical process and, for example, the fashion industry. Those people need an eye for trends in the world and in mobile computing.


Medical Robot Designer

Medical robots and artificial intelligence will play an important role in hospitals in the future. Properly designed and deployed, these robots can facilitate a lot of tasks in a hospital, reduce costs for staff and provide benefits for the patients. It has already been shown that robots are able to give diagnostic recommendations with the same precision doctors do, and even include new forms of treatment „real“ doctors sometimes forget.

In the next four or five decades, robots could very well take control of most surgery. And those robots will definitely be connected to other products via internet. Cameras, screens and microphones will all be a part of their systems and will provide all necessary information to the surgeon. People who are able to design these robots will need advanced skills in mechanical engineering, electrical systems and computer software.


Transport Designers

One of today’s advances is, for example, that you can track a package you send to a friend and know at any time about its whereabouts. IoT now enables similar things to the whole transport industry – because someone has to design the tracking system for containers so they can be moved in a logical and efficient way. But this is not all of it. Managers also want to track truck fuel consumption to make sure drivers are using optimal speeds for every road surface or see temperatures inside containers relative to outdoor conditions to ensure that products won’t deteriorate. Transport designers need to create all algorithms for the tracking and create softwares that can be used by the managers overseeing logistics.


Counter Hackers

We have all heard about the big data scandals. Big companies like Ebay are being attacked by hackers who are reaching out for the personal data of the companies’ clients. But these companies have already declared their counter attacks. They do this, relying on their own „hacking personnel“: counter hackers are able to anticipate attacks and repel them actively.

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