How to get the professional and personal life you dream of

Finding the life you dream of for yourself isn’t that hard after all. Here are some ideas that will get you closer to what you really want.

1. Take a new grasp at reality!

A good friend seems to be unable to stop posting jolly pictures of his world travels on Facebook. You just saw on LinkedIn, that the former class mate who used to bully you in school is now the new CEO of his own startup.

Everyone else’s life seems just peachy, while your own one tends to be the same ol’ same ol’? Stop worrying, we can provide some solace! How? In telling you that all this is simply not a reality. Social Media, where people present themselves the way they want to be seen, give us a wrong impression of what is real and what is not.

The friend with the beautiful pictures may be just as lonely as you are on his travels, the guy from school have come up with a business case that will never ever make it on the market. And that is okay. Because all of us have our personal „CV of Failures“. Classes we failed, internships we didn’t get, jobs we got fired from. A German Princeton Alumni, Johannes Haushofer (who we’d suspect to have a text book career), was brave enough to put his own „CV of Failures“ on the internet. Next time you get dragged into your friends’ fuzzy world of cotton candy, just take a look at it.

CV of Failures
2. Practice mingling without boundaries!

To make your dreams come true, it helps letting people know about them. And to let them know about yourself. Broaden your network by talking to everybody who seems interesting to you. We mean everybody. The funny looking guy on the subway, the new neighbors, the coffee vendor. Don’t be shy! Ask them about their lives, about their dreams and how they got to be who and where they are today.

These kinds of conversations do not only bear a huge load of lifestyle inspiration, they also help you put your own ideas into place and discover new ways to make them a reality. Once you have all the inspiration collected and a better vision of your dreams, you can talk to others with a better focus. You can then turn to people who have fulfilled a dream similar to your own one and ask them about the difficulties they were facing, the mistakes they made and about what they have learned from all of that. This may help you avoid some unnecessary mistakes.


3. Cluster! It!

Not every life and not every career fits into a certain scheme or cluster. And that is just fine. Anyhow, clustering your visions and your dreams may help a great deal to turn them into something real. Use one of the many creative techniques or business model canvases to cluster your career – AND your life. That doesn’t seem easy at all? The paper you created looks like a colorful yet impervious jungle? Well, don’t worry! It is not necessary that the result is something you can hand in at Harvard Business School. The task is mostly about setting the cognitive mindset for what you want. A close friend, once very undecided in her life, used to go to an art school and her teacher said: „Close your eyes and paint your future“. What she painted was a white house with blue shades. The house looks exactly like the one she lives in today.

Here are some creativity techniques that may help you along the way:

Creativity Techniques

4. Find a second foot to stand on!

There is one aspect in life that we all have a hard time dealing with: uncertainty. Will I be able to pay my rent tomorrow? Is the job I took still one that exists in twenty years? Uncertainty also is what keeps us from making our dreams come true. We tell ourselves that when we live our dream or follow our goals, we might run out of money or might not get back on our feet if we fail.

Still, there is a way to outsmart uncertainty. It is by finding a second pillar of support. A job, a task or a project that generates a certain amount of money you can live on, while your are following your dream – be it is the applications for your dream job that require some time, the way to your own company or whatever. Your second pillar of support may involve tasks that might not sweep you off your feet (tough luck, we know), but it will guarantee a solid base for your journey toward your dream.

This way, in case your endeavors should fail or take more time than you expected, you will always have two solid feet to stand on. Another great side effect is that whatever you choose as your „Income“-project, by choosing it you will meet new people along the way that might even be able to help you with your main goal.

5. Start. Just start.

Just do it. We mean it. It is not important that you find your dream job within a month or that your startups is successful after a year. All the experiences are just learnings along the way that lead to more learning and more learnings. Don’t put yourself under pressure. Things you plan do not have to be perfect from the start. And here’s a flash: they need not to be successful at all. The important thing is to take in all the inspirations, the experiences and the new contacts your efforts bring along. We promise you that success will come eventually – even if it comes in disguise or looks a little different from what you expected.

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