How to Find Your Perfect Language Exchange

Studying and working abroad is becoming increasingly important for your CV. To make the most of your stay abroad as a student or expat, make sure to learn the language that is spoken in your destination. Learning a language with a tandem partner is a great way of boosting your skills while making local friends. It brings two people with different native languages together. Tandem partners benefit from the meeting by talking in both languages while spending time together. It has become quite easy to connect with a language exchange partner.


Tips and Tricks for a Successful Language Exchange 

  1. It’s easier to succeed at learning the language if you already have some knowledge of it. We highly recommend to take an additional language course or have at least a basic level of the foreign language’s grammar and vocabulary.
  2. Talk to your language partner as often as possible! Do not only use dinner time to improve your language skills, but try to go out with your tandem partner for a drin kor on an excursion as often as possible. This makes the language exchange more effective for both of you and you won’t lose interest.
  3. Stay motivated! Learning a new language takes lots of effort and time, that’s why a language exchange is so important. Speaking the language does not only boost your language skills, it is also the most enjoyable and motivating part of the learning process.
  4. It is OK to make mistakes. It is actually essential to improve your language skills. Accept feedback on pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary. That’s exactly what a language tandem is about.
  5. Common interests will help you to find topics for your conversations and sharing activities that both of you like will make your meetings more exciting.


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