Alternative Work Models: Let’s check out Remote Working

Today, a lot of companies in Germany are offering alternative models to the classic 9 to 5 job in the office. Working remotely or from home certainly requires a pledge of confidence from your company, but gives employees like you more freedom and flexibility within daily work life.


Increased Flexibility
Working remotely will give you the chance to work wherever you want. This makes it easier to bridge the gap between family, friends work and other obligations and your work life balance can improve in significant ways.

More Productivity
Of course, there is the risk of distractions when you work at home or in another place. But the truth is that the office with its meetings, noises and other interruptions is often just as stressing. Or even more so. A lot of people doing remote work have stated that they work in their own space with more peace and quiet and find it easier to focus.

Less Commuting Cost & Time
You working remotely has advantages for the company and for yourself as far as mobility is concerned. When you work from home, for example you save money you’d be spending otherwise to travel to the office and the time it would take you to get there and back.


Company Culture Can Suffer
When you work remotely it might be more difficult to see and talk to your colleagues on a regular basis and be part of the company culture. This why it is important to still establish face-to-face meetings with your colleague or with your boss from time to time and take part and company events.

Communication & Collaboration Get Harder
Today, there are many ways of communicating with each other. The email, however, is a remote team’s communication killer. To interact successfully and on a personal level while being apart, it is more effective to use video chat, collaboration tools, and group chat to build a “virtual office”. You can try all those kinds of things and find out which option works best for you and your team’s needs.

Domestic Distractions
When you work from home, You need to learn to balance your distractions properly and practise focus. To build the trust necessary for this kind of work relation, it is important that you get your work done and are available whenever your employer needs you.

Fewer Boundaries Between Work and Personal Life
While your work/life balance can improve by working remotely you might also find this line to become a little blurry. Therefore, it is necessary to set some boundaries, establish a structure for yourself and try to work in regular office hours. Otherwise, chances of becoming a workaholic who is available all the time will increase.

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