4 Ways to Set Yourself Apart from Other Applicants

It is no secret: HR people get tons of motivational letters every day. How much authentic motivation, do you think, is really in there and how much is no more than empty phrases? That is somewhat interesting. Because expressing true motivation is as simple as being in love and the same rules apply: if you are really passionate about something special, just tell it! Nothing is more convincing, in any field of life for that matter, than real drive and passion communicated in a sincere way.

1. Show some individual interests

You are a person who is interested in the world and in how it evolves, right? Well, don’t be too chicken to tell it. Are you reading something special at the moment? Something that inspires you, takes your breath away, something you find intriguingly interesting or, to the contrary, a little off and mistaken? Try to mention these reads in a job interview, so people can see beneath your suit and look right at the interested and curious person that you are!
You are not much of a smarty-pants-reader? Then you can let them know about some other quirky interests you have!

2. Give them a link to your blog

Thanks to our global wold, today we all have the chances to reach a huge community of readers and get them interested in our thoughts and opinions. Is there a topic you are totally interested in or even writing about? Then you should never fail to mention that in your job application and send them a link. Even if the topic of your blog is not directly related to the position you are applying for, it shows that within you there are strong motivational drivers pushing you ahead in life.

4. Tear down some „bridges“

Are there some gaps in your CV you think you need to „bridge“? Well, don’t think about how to get around them in your application. These are not the 50s or the 60s where a lot of people were taught to stay in one and the same position without ever looking at the bigger picture. Most accomplished people like CEOs, founders and all kinds of entrepreneurs are actually LOOKING for applicants, who have left a common path and who made unusual experiences – as long as they were not just hanging around on your sofa for a year. So try to give them a picture of your experiences and draw a link to how they affect your choices, work ethics and motivations today.

5. Never (ever!) stop learning!

We live to learn – yes, we know that sounds as if it came right out of your mom’s mouth, but there is a truth to it. The world is changing at a rapid pace, so there are new things to learn, to discover and to experience every day – and no time to run in circles. If you have learned something new in the past months or years, don’t hesitate to mention that in your application. Be it an instrument, Java Script Programming or the art of screenplay writing. It is always good when people you apply to know that you are somebody who is not standing still, but gets ahead by pushing the limits of your own knowledge!

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